What we do

We lovingly create and cook some of the finest pizzas in the world (this can only be substantiated through tasting a pizza yourself but we sure you will agree) and bring them to you, just when you need delicious and tasty food most.  Our pizzas are cooked in a wood burning oven to ensure that they have the best taste and it also ensures we are environmentally friendly ensuring that only the finest ingredients are used throughout.

We have now become a festival regular at some of the biggest festivals not only in the UK but in the world.

So why are we different, well we make (yes make) all of our dough on site before stretching it into a pizza base and you deciding what topping you would like on your pizza.  We have created some of the more popular crazy house specials that we have come up with ourselves – try Ruth’s super hot chilli, only for the brave however if we wish to personalise this it this is not a problem just let us know!

We cook all of our pizzas to order and normally take 3 – 4 minutes to cook; this enables us to provide you with fresh and healthy food that you can eat on the go.  We also get asked quite often if our pizzas are big enough to share and the answer is yes but be warned people usually regret not getting a whole one to themselves and if you do want/need more you have to queue all over again – and remember you can always half and half.


The classic Margarita

Pepperoni – add jalapenos for extra spice!

Hawaiian – Ham and Pineapple

Chicken & Mushroom

Mediteterrean vegetables and goats cheese


Plus many more specials or create your own – just let us know what you want

We can (to order) create a special ‘gluten free’ pizza for you, should you see us at a festival and wish to try one of our gluten free pizzas come and ask for Martin or Ruth and we will make one for you.  Please be aware if we are really busy there might be a slight delay so the more notice you can give us the better!

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