About Us

Back in 2006 (the year of the stone baked pizza – just kidding), a chef with a vision to create the finest possible pizza using some of the traditional preparation and cooking methods created in Italy and in turn revolutionise the mobile catering sceneTired of poor quality burgers and ‘footlong’ hotdogs he began with a small wood burning oven and hand rolling freshly made dough until he could roll no more always ensuring that each pizza was as tasty and delicious as they could possibly be.

Word spread and soon he was in demand, everyone wanted pizza, they just couldn’t get enough and there we have it – Pizza to the People was born and has been rapidly growing ever since.

So who is this pizza loving genius whose aim is to tickle our taste buds with tasty wholesome food?  Martin Charlton has carefully sculptured his career in the catering industry from running fine dining restaurants to teaching aspiring chefs and over the past 20 years has developed an early interest not only in Italian food but also local and wild produce (it is not unusual to see him foraging for wild mushrooms in the Northumberland area) – Cep and wild garlic pizza anyone?

He was even asked to write the foreword for Terry Laybournes ‘Quest for Taste’ such is his knowledge for high quality food.

Oh and if you do see him out on a foraging hunt don’t be afraid to stop and ask what he is picking he is always happy to tell you what he is picking and some of the tastier mushrooms around and no, not of the magic variety.

He soon needed help and that is where his lovely assistant (and wife) came into play, she keeps him in touch and helps out at most of the festivals and you will normally see her manning the oven, which is great in the winter as temperatures can reach up to 650F!

Want to sample one of our pizzas?  

Have you sampled one of our freshly made pizzas, did you enjoy it?

Want updates on our progress?

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