Welcome to Pizza 2 the People

We first started Pizza to the People in 2005 travelling around with a small clay oven and a team of pizza experts providing you all with fresh and tasty pizzas.  We are at all of the Big Festivals every year including Leeds, V Fest, Latitude and many more.

Pizza to the People

We work very hard to come up with fresh and exciting recipes including our famous Smoked Salmon, Rocket and Asparagus (well famous in certain circles anyway)  Our mighty meaty and also lest we forget our special Gluten Free pizzas so everyone can enjoy the food.  We cook all of our pizzas to order and although they only take 2 – 3 minutes in our oven you may still find a small queue but don’t be put off, they are definitely worth the wait and maybe you will meet someone nice in the queue!

So if you are lucky enough to be going to a festival this year then please come and visit us and let us know that you have seen our website (we might even be able to give you an extra topping) and of course enjoy the festival – fingers crossed for Sunshine!!!!

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